Raedan AI



We empower executives to solve cultural and analytical barriers to digital transformation.

Our role is to support your executive team to be the smartest, cohesive driver of transformation they can be. It is not easy to shift – we think of it as turning a cargo tanker around 180 degrees.

  • You need a reason to do it.
  • You’ll need the space to do it.
  • You also need to know when and how.
  • Everyone onboard needs to do their part.

The goal is a sustainable organisation with the information to make less risky decisions and the capability to implement them

No one has else has your understanding, your information and your opportunity.  
Why give it away to consultants?

Raedan AI can be a part of your success by introducing:


We help enterprises by mentoring their key staff and stakeholders.

Data Management

We consult and coach enterprises to gain value from their data.

Enterprise Strategy

We help enterprises understand what the right pathway will be.

Training and Development

Our multi-disciplinary team offer support at every step of the journey

Complex Program Delivery

Our methods are proven in diversified verticals including Government, Healthcare, Advertising, Telecom, Retail, Banking and Finance and more

Leading-Edge Transformation

Raedan AI teams up with associates to drive innovative AI-based solutions for their customers.

Why Choose Raedan AI?

  • Raedan AI are specialist enterprise strategy and organisational change management consultancy with more than 20 years of experience with diversified industries.
  • Unlike other technology partners, Raedan AI their supports customers with assurance throughout the process of technology implementation.
  • Raedan AI works with their clients to gain and sustain greater value from their people, stakeholders and information.
  • We not only help with the adoption of new ways of thinking and working – we make it simpler and faster for our clients.
  • We provide a Centre of Excellence hub for our clients to maintain gains you have made.