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Real AI reads and reasons accurately.

Does yours?

Use AI to increase productivity without the risk of open source tools

We offer hybrid artificial intelligence that understands written and spoken language natively.
Our solution is highly accurate even when applied small data holdings  and may be operationalised in just weeks.

There is untapped value in email, shared drives, databases and the Internet that should be growing your business.

Unstructured Data

Unstructured data is in documents, emails, audio recordings, videos, SMS, image, social media, and the internet. Businesses and governments generate and capture huge volumes daily to record transactions and support decisions.

Due to its sheer volume, most of this data is inaccessible once it is stored on servers or in complex physical media. Language is also complex as words and phrases may have different meanings in the context of any document or message.

Understanding how your business, suppliers and customers receive, use and transform unstructured data is essential when afooting Artificial Intelligence and digital transformation.


Our Hybrid Artificial Intelligence uses Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to identify the intent of the speaker or author’s in context. It deciphers meaning and sentiment using uniquely powerful semantic AI and a conceptual logic that mimics our human ability to understand read and interpret text.

The text is converted into rich interoperable data that increases the accuracy and usability of Generative or Discovery AI tools, in 14 languages if needed.

The result is comprehensive, relevant information and the ability accurately locate the right response. Teamed with your existing platforms or something greenfield, NLU artificial intelligence will transform your enterprise strategy.

We mentor executives to master here-and-now challenges

Leap into intelligent decision support, productivity gains using generative AI, smart digital services and greater profitability.

Our approach is straightforward.

Data science programs improve quickly and the risk and usability of open source AI tools like ChatGPT are resolved within weeks.


Explore the challenge with experts in data


Enrich data with hybrid AI understand the opportunity


Optimise automation with responsible explainable AI decision supports


Craft a strong digital culture to drive performance

Your digital-savvy self will see data in a completely new way.

Leave the data dark ages.

Do you have data that you cannot use?

Mentoring grows enterprise capability in leadership, data architecture, digital literacy, process automation and natural language understanding, and makes digital transformation a whole lot easier.

Put your technology investment and data assets in focus.

Boards, Directors and C-Suite teams urgently need a new technology vocabulary and digital experience to lead with confidence. Learn where to start or how to assess the performance of your investment in artificial intelligence, cyber, data analytics, data governance and strategy.

It’s time to make all data accessible.

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