We know about
your data problem

Go digital with the fundamentals sorted.

Organisational culture, productivity and customer connection will soar with our Natural Understanding of people, data and success.

We are frustrated by the effort and cash that executives are throwing at transformation by trusting in technology before they understand how their data supports their business.

We worked at the core of some of these projects and saw how the mistakes repeated themselves. We started a data and transformation training business in 2013 called Raedan Exchange because we wanted to see people in business and IT on the same page around information management.

Two in three digital transformation projects are ‘a gamble’.  Three in four transformations fail.  Most of the issues we see stem from people capability and the approach taken to managing information.

Andrew Smailes

Director, Raedan AI

We are not just into data. We’re inviting executives on a journey.

Raedan AI takes our commitment to better use of data and building people capability a step further. Our team is equipped with the skills, knowledge and technology smarts to help commercial and government organisations evolve in the digital world.

We want to share our expertise and develop great leadership teams that able to sustain business in this mad world of ours.

You’ll deploy a home-grown strategy for organisational development and information management transformation, leveraged by expert.ai, a unique AI Platform.


Internally-led transformations are way more successful and sustainable. We develop strategy with people and challenge leadership mindset with the right tools.


We’re sad when we see an over-emphasis on technology or Tier 1 consulting firms to resolve data problems. Let us help you avoid this kind of pain.


Our independence and integrity are highly valued by our clients. We work with your teams to develop capability and truthful reporting.

It’s a disruptive Natural Language AI Platform.

At the heart of expert.ai is a knowledge graph called Sensigrapho. Its patented algorithms mimic the way humans read, understand and comprehend text in virtually any format.

It delivers fast, efficient, and automatic comprehension of data with a high precision-rate of more than 97% – higher than Machine Learning or other Natural Language software.

This means new explainable insight from information that was previously inaccessible in email, documents, transcriptions, databases, the internet and more.

The expert.ai Natural Language Suite has a comprehensive dashboard that helps enterprises’ stakeholders interact, test, and adapt the technology. expert.ai extends multilingual support by facilitating eight international languages out-of-the-box and is working to include more.


Customer Analytics

Predict consumer behaviour and trends in real-time to targeting.



Manage third-party risks to ensure cyber, legal and regulatory compliance



Automate processes, loans, claims, policy, underwriting and more.

Easy TO

 Deploy and Use

No data scientists or ML expertise needed. Information is in easy-to-understand visual formats.

Reimagine your strategy with advanced Natural Understanding AI across business functions.