Explainable AI that reads and understands the same way you do.

Raedan AI offers guidance and technology solutions to extract value from data that was once inaccessible in as little as 6 weeks.

Your organisation has unstructured data in email, shared drives, or databases that should be growing your business.

Unstructured Data

Unstructured data is in documents, audio recordings, videos, SMS, image, social media, and the internet. Huge volumes are generated and captured daily by business and government to record transactions and support decisions.


Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Artificial Intelligence (AI) identifies the intent, context, and sentiment in any text. It deciphers meaning using semantic and logical analysis – mimicking our human ability to understand text it converts data into rich information.

Take the giant leap into intelligent decision support, digital services and greater profitability.
Your digital-savvy self will see data in a completely new way.

We mentor executives to master here-and-now challenges.

Smart, less risky decisions need the right data — not in months — now.
Our approach is simple and scalable.


Identify your challenge


Explore the data problem


Optimise intelligence and automation


Develop people to secure and enrich your data

Leave the data dark ages.

Do you have data that you cannot use?

Mentoring grows enterprise capability in leadership, data architecture, digital process automation and natural language understanding, and makes digital transformation a whole lot easier.

Put your technology investment and data assets in focus.

Boards, Directors and C-Suite teams urgently need a new technology vocabulary and digital experience to lead with confidence. Learn where to start or how to assess the performance of your investment in artificial intelligence, cyber, data analytics, data governance and strategy.

Do better with digital.

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