Raedan AI

About Rǣdan AI

About Rǣdan AI


Our company evolved from co-founders Sharyn Csanki and Andrew Smailes joint frustration and their willingness to share their knowledge on how to work with people and data together.

The business énabled Sharyn and Andrew to work with like minded people in business and government to face the data challenge and improve outcomes during enterprise transformations.

For what purpose?

The effort and cash executives sink into transformation is wasted if the work to understand how data supports their business if not done by people within the business who know where the data is located and among all the thousands of sources what is most useful to improve customer experience and deliver on the organisation’s strategy.

We saw how the mistakes repeated themselves due to too much trust placed on technology to resolve a business problem.

In 2013, we started Rǣdan Exchange to focus on data transformation mentoring and training to help the C-suite and people in IT be on the same page with their customers.

Two in three digital transformation projects are ‘a gamble’. Three in four transformations fail. At Raedan AI, we’re not just into data. We’re inviting Executives on a life journey.

Andrew Smailes, Founder and CEO of Raedan AI

How does AI fit?

Raedan AI was added to our portfolio in 2017 when we saw the opportunity to to leap ahead of large learning models using statistical approaches to understanding to understand textual data with natural language artificial intelligence.

Our team is equipped with the skills, knowledge and technology smarts to help commercial and government organisations evolve in the digital world.

We take our commitment to better use of data and building people’s capability a step further.

What do we want most?

To develop great relationships that sustain business in this mad world driven by data, IoT, AI, graph, mesh, NLP and a host of other buzzword technologies.

Knowledge Management

Records Management
Intelligence and Security
Operational Risk
Understanding the customer
Market Intelligence
Legal and Compliance

Intelligent Automation

Automated Processing
Customer Service
Automation Content enrichment
Intelligent robotic process automation
Digital interaction & chatbots
Back office automation

Because when executives and senior managers focus on data, culture, productivity, customer connection, then happiness and ROI soar.

And because…

Our technology reads and reasons we can…

Support enterprise digital transformation sustainably by delivering a consistently accurate, explainable and ethical classification of text to support decision making,

expert.ai extends multilingual support by facilitating eight international languages out-of-the-box and is working to include more.

Enrich Customer Analytics

Predict consumer behaviour and trends in real-time to targeting

Operational Risks

Manage third-party risks and ensure cyber, legal and regulatory compliance

Automate tasks and decisions accurately

Automate processes with higher accuracy loans, claims, policy underwriting and more.

Deploy with existing platforms and your people

No data scientist or ML expertise is needed. Information is in easy-to-understand visual formats.

At the heart is the mature semantic knowledge graph of expert.ai.

expert.ai has a comprehensive easy dashboard to interact, test, and adapt the technology platform.

Disruptive hybrid AI can understand, analyse, manage and extract insights from high-volume data such as documents, news and articles, reports, emails, transcriptions, and customer communications.

Fast, efficient, and automatic comprehension of data with a significantly high precision rate (of more than 97%) provides explainable insight to make timely business decisions with information that was previously inaccessible.