It’s best to learn what managing data really means before you try.

Data Management creates the ability to make consistent decisions on what your data really means. It underpins the ability to know what and when data is important and fit for purpose. When we organizations spending time, and money on analytics, technology, and transformation projects without good data management practices we know they have set themselves up for failure. It really is that some.

Enterprise data management takes in everything from technical management of data stores to the definitions of terms and standards important to managing skills and opportunities in the business in context. It requires more non-technical expertise from the business side of the organization than most people realize. After all, data is the “lifeblood” of the everyday operations of any organization and also the basis of a leader’s ability to take a low risk or most profitable position.

Data management is a cross-functional complex process. It requires cohesive understanding and engagement in the following areas, defined in the DAMA Data Management Body of Knowledge 


Successful Data Management – and Data Managers – infiltrate the gentire organization. Data is an enterprise’s most valuable tangible asset, and surprisingly often, the least well understood or managed.


Raedan Exchange has dedicated itself to bring the best-in class innovators and educators together to provide a broad base of development opportunism in data management

Conclusion: What did I learn

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